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COVID-19: Telephone and Location Information will be Shared in Disaster and Emergency Situations

With the amendment made in accordance with Article 1 of the Law No. 7226 on the Amendment of Some Laws adopted in the Parliament dated 25.03.2020, administrative authorities can obtain telephone and location information from the Information Technologies and Communication Authority in disasters and emergencies.


ARTICLE 1 - The following additional article has been added to the Provincial Administration Law No. 5442 dated 10/6/1949.


“ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 2 - By the Information and Communication Technologies Authority;


a) Within the scope of search, rescue and response activities in disaster and emergency situations, the Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate or the relevant governorship, limited to the people affected by the disaster or emergency,


b) Within the scope of calls made to 112 emergency call centers, the telephone subscriber and location information needed by 112 emergency call centers or the relevant governorship, limited by the call time, are met without delay. In this context, an access system can be established within the procedures and principles determined by the Ministry and the Information Technologies and Communication Authority.


The data obtained under this article cannot be used for other purposes. ”


In the last paragraph of the item b, signals were given that an integrated system including AFAD, 112 emergency call centers and the governor's office will be established to establish this service.


The amendment was planned before COVID-19 (New Type Coronavirus) in order to carry out search and rescue activities more rapidly, especially in disaster situations such as earthquakes in our country. Of course, it will be possible to follow up with the COVID-19 cases.

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