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  • Why am I reading this text?
    Article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Law ("KVKK") numbered 6698, which came into force on April 7, 2016, applies to individuals whose personal data are processed (used) (KVKK'). (also referred to as the relevant person) is required to be informed by the "Data Controller" who uses this data. As the Data Controller, we have to prove that these people have been informed.
  • Which personal data is used?
    If you apply for a job with us, the only personal data we process and require are: "Your name, surname, phone number, education level, work experience (company names, periods you have worked, your position), language, ability to use a computer, information about the position you want to work in, your educational background (school/course/certificate). information)." Apart from these, you do not need to share any other data with us. However, if you would like to share other personal data with us (such as your date of birth, gender, photo, military service, exemption from duty, deferment date, social club membership information, etc.), you can do so only if you give us a clear statement of consent. We can use/process with.
  • Why is my personal data used?
    Your personal data on our website, excluding the active cookies we specify in our Cookie Policy, is only available if you choose to share your personal data with us by using the Human Resources and Contact pages. is collected in order to use the services on the relevant pages. Our Human Resources page is available for you to apply for jobs. Your personal data is collected for your job applications, stored by taking administrative and technical measures stipulated by the legislation, and used to reach you when needed and for employment purposes. Our contact page is available for you to send us messages and notification information. Your personal data, which you have the choice of sharing or not sharing when sending such a message, is collected only by contacting us on this page, and is used only for the purpose of reaching you again and in line with your possible requests in your messages.
  • Is my personal data transferred to others?
    Yes, in short, we may have to transfer your personal data to official institutions and abroad. However, we only make the transfer for specific purposes and with your knowledge. Therefore, your personal data; To regulatory and supervisory institutions and other official institutions such as courts and enforcement offices in order to fulfill our legal obligations, If you wish, it can be transferred to your attorney or legal representatives, such as your lawyers, in order to fulfill the requests you have forwarded to your attorney or representatives.
  • What rights does KVKK give me?
    KVKK provides you with the right to: (a) learn whether your personal data is being processed or not; (b) to request information if processed, (c) to learn the purpose of processing and whether it is used for its intended purpose; (d) knowing the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred, if any, at home or abroad; (e) request correction of your personal data if it has been processed incompletely or incorrectly; (f) provides many rights, including but not limited to requesting the deletion or destruction of your personal data. You can find all of these rights and their details in Article 11 of KVKK. p>
  • How can I exercise my rights?
    If you wish to exercise your specified rights, you can submit your requests to us in writing (for example, via a warning or registered letter) or by using your e-mail address registered in our system.
  • Are there any other policies I should read?
    Finally, you can always access METHUKUK's current policies regarding the protection of personal data on our websites. ​ Our Cookie Policy Our Privacy Policy

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The more important it is to brand or own a common brand or a work, the more important it is to protect the interests of that brand. Nowadays, it is quite common to obtain unfair interests by producing imitations of nationally or internationally renowned brands. The production of similar brands that are not indistinguishable, not only the appearance of imitations, also harms the reputation of the original brand owners and leads to an unfair decrease in their reputation.


Our services:  


  • In accordance with the Decree Law No. 556, which was in effect previously, and the Industrial Property Law numbered 6769, which was enacted lastly, we also provide our clients with the best service in terms of seizing imitation branded products. Some of our services are applications for search and seizure decisions, follow-up and execution of decisions, and subsequent reconciliation processes.


  • According to the researches, while our country acts as an important bridge in the counterfeit brand traffic especially from east to west, it also has an important share as a manufacturer in the world counterfeit products market. Imitation products of many famous brands are imported to our country, on the other hand, such products produced in our country are exported abroad. At this point, it is very important to follow the stopping and confiscation procedures carried out within the scope of customs directorates.


  • We provide intelligence services in all channels where registered trademarks belonging to our clients are used without permission. We provide intelligence services not only in physical channels but also in electronic media and especially on social media platforms. Our services include market research, reports containing our experience of using counterfeit brands and special reviews that we can customize according to your demand.


  • We provide all your litigation and non-litigation services that you can request, including both the "Intellectual and Industrial Rights Law and Criminal" courts, the trials before the Turkish Patent Institute, trademark registration applications, brand research, trademark registration facility. Thanks to our legal automation system, you can access all documents related to these processes wherever you are.

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